On September 27, 2019 in the training center of “Auditors’ College” PAO in Almaty, MinTax Group represented by A. Khorunzhiy (Managing Partner), G. Narbekova and M. Bekzhigitov (Partners) has conducted two seminars on the following subjects:

  1. “Organization of tax accounting through the accounting policies”.

Program of the seminar:

  1. Bookkeeping as the basis of tax accounting
  2. IFRS[1] in the taxation system
  3. Conflicts of interests of users of financial and tax reporting
  4. Accounting policy as a tool for tax planning
  5. Exchange differences in tax accounting
  6. Fixed assets in tax accounting and fixed assets in IFRS
  7. Accounting for subsequent costs of fixed assets
  8. Property tax
  9. IFRS 6. “Exploration for and evaluation of mineral reserves”
  10. Inventories. Measurement
  11. Revenues from contracts, IFRS15
  12. The role of tax accounting policies (TAP) at the present stage


  1. “The practice of applying control of transfer pricing in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Program of the seminar:

  1. Differences between the RF[2] and RoK[3] practices related to transfer pricing (hereinafter – TP)
  2. The stages of development of Government control of TP in Kazakhstan
  3. OECD recommendations in respect of TP
  4. Development of TP regulations in Kazakhstan
  5. The concepts and control in relation to TP
  6. Transactions which are subject to TP control
  7. Example of possible double taxation on transactions in the RoK
  8. The mechanisms of TP control
  9. The monitoring scheme
  10. Main products and services most exposed to the risk of inspection
  11. Obligations of the parties to the transaction
  12. Documentation related to TP and the monitoring reports
  13. Transaction monitoring reporting
  14. Problems related to transactions monitoring
  15. Inter-country reporting
  16. Interrelated parties
  17. Extension of the concept of “interconnectedness of the parties to the transaction”
  18. Risks associated with the expansion of the concept of “interconnectedness of the parties to the transaction”
  19. Definitions of the concepts of “transaction” and “moment of sale”
  20. Adjustment of taxable items
  21. The adopted TP methods
  22. The main methods of determining the market price in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  23. List of official sources on market prices (approved by the Decree of RoK Government #788 dated 9 June 2001)
  24. Comparison of selling prices with market prices under the current Law on TP
  25. The example of a differential under the Law on TP
  26. Practical issues on information for calculating the differential
  27. Practical issues on components of a differential
  28. Cases when the differential is not taken into account
  29. Limitations of the quotation period
  30. Quotation period
  31. Agreement for applying TP
  32. Information sources
  33. Administrative fines

During the seminar, issues were discussed that often arise among students who are members of “College of Auditors” PAO in practice.

The presentation materials were sent to all participants to their e-mail addresses.

[1] International Financial Reporting Standards.
[2] Russian Federation.
[3] Republic of Kazakhstan.

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