MinTax Audit LLP – a part of MinTax Group, is:

  • a member of the “Board of Auditors” Professional Auditing Organization of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • a member of the Association of Taxpayers of New Kazakhstan, with the “Expert” status.

MinTax LLP which is a part of MinTax Group is:

  • member of the Accredited Professional Accountants’ Organization “Association of certified professional accountants”/ACPA.

The leading experts of MinTax Group are members of:

  • Board of Auditors, PAO[1];
  • Chamber of Auditors, PAO;
  • Chamber of Tax Consultants of the RoK, Public Association (Republican status);
  • Chamber of Professional Accountants of the RoK, POA[2];
  • “Accounting”,  POA;
  • Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Kazakhstan;
  • Institute of Certified Accountants of Kazakhstan (ICAK), POA;
  • Chamber of Financial Specialists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, POA;
  • POA of the Institute of Professional Accountants of the “Zerde” Training Center.

They have Competency certificates of RoK Auditor, international qualifications ACCA,  CPACIMADipIFR (ACCA)CIPACAP, as well as qualifications Professional Accountant of the RoK, Tax Consultant of the RoK and have the Tax Treaty Expert Certificate.

[1] Professional Audit Organization.
[2] Professional Organization of Accountants.