Our mission is to ensure maximum comfort of our clients for their business and their confidence in the future.
For that, we provide our clients with wide spectrum of qualified services in the sphere of tax and legal consulting, audit and outsourcing of accounting, tax and legal work by norm guidance of legislation of RK, international agreements and IFRS.
Our main competitive advantage is our client confidence, have been earned over the years of cooperation with them.
Client confidence is the principal value of the MinTax Group, the basis of our Policy, and we are conscious of placed responsibility on us.
We serve to advance your business to a new level, endeavor to assist those called us in aid and really to solve their problems related to independent audit, tax planning, and fulfillment of tax liabilities, maintenance of accounting and tax accounting and legal matters as well.
Over 90% of our clients came to us upon the recommendations of their business partners, friends, contacts, who are already our clients. From our side, we try to do our best to provide services in a professional manner and justify the confidence placed on us.