The “Chamber of Tax Consultants” Public Association (republican status) together with the NARXOZ University launched a pilot project “Tax Club”, the first meeting of which was held on June 5, 2019 at 15-00 at the address: Almaty, ULK, 81 Sain Street, room 220.

The speakers of this meeting on the subject: “Tax security of the business. Tax planning at the modern stage” were: A.G. Khorunzhiy – Vice-President of the “Chamber of Tax Consultants” PA, Managing Partner of MinTax Group, M.T. Kulzhabayeva – Ph.D, teacher of the NARXOZ University, G.I. Narbekova and M.K. Bekzhigitov – Partners of MinTax Group – experts in the sphere of IFRS and tax relations.

The Tax Club is a platform created by the “Chamber of Tax Consultants” PA in cooperation with the teaching staff of the NARXOZ University for face-to-face and remote discussion of issues relating to tax relations and legal aspects.

The purpose of the Tax Club is to improve skills, exchange information and practice, discuss, exchange experience, make uniform decisions on various disputable issues, prepare inquiries on such issues to state and other competent bodies to receive official responses, prepare proposals for making changes in legislative and other acts, make a professional assessment of tax and other risks.

Those invited to participate in the first meeting of the Tax Club included the leading scientists of the country, financiers and experts in the field of tax relations, representatives of financial and tax authorities, professional non-profit organizations, consulting and auditing companies, educational institutions, business representatives, including managers, financial directors, accountants and other employees responsible for tax relations, as well as any interested parties.

During the meeting, the speakers spoke on issues of tax security, administration and problems arising in the practical application of tax legislation and IFRS. The meeting was held in a positive atmosphere, and all participants received a lot of useful information from the mutual discussion of the issues raised.

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