In 2013, through the Internet and mobile phones in Kazakhstan people made ​​15.2 million transactions in the amount of 266.7 billion tenge , or $ 1.8 billion . This figure exceeds the 2012 figures by 89.1 % (7.2 million transactions) in quantity and 81.1% (119.4 billion tenge ) in the amount of payments. Such data was released today, bythe National Bank of Kazakhstan, reports.

In this, Internet payments in 2013 amounted to 14.6 million transactions in the amount of 265.4 billion tenge, and payments via mobile phones amounted to 627.2 thousand transactions in the amount of $ 1.3 billion tenge.

The main share of the amount of payments made via the Internet, is transfer from one bank account to another customer’s bank account (35 % of total payments via the Internet), the payment for goods and intangible assets (14.5%) and other types of payments and transfers money (41.2 %). Payment for services of mobile operators and service of Kazakhtelecom JSC is 4.9 % , public services – 3.2%. Payments and money transfers through mobile applications 44.6% of the total amount of these payments is services of mobile operators, 52.1% for transfers from one bank account to another customer’s bank account.

Over the past year the number of banks offering e-banking services without the use of credit cards has increased by 3, while the number of providing electronic banking services using credit cards remained unchanged. This is explained by the actions of medium-sized banks to install instant payment terminals. Despite this trend, one should not expected in the foreseeable future (without any major changes of legislation) a significant increase in the number of banks – holders of instant payment terminals, as specified segment of the market , considering the competition, remains unattractive for banks, according to the message.

At the same time, there is a decline in interest in the development of the ATM network, the number of which in the past year has increased by less than 4%. Although the slowdown in growth in the number of ATMs is already observed during the last 3 years, in 2013 the growth was the lowest. However, the situation with the banking kiosks is opposite, their number has increased more than 2 times (from 1678 to 3982), which was a result of policies to attract customers of a bank. However, the installation of banking kiosks was made not one-time, but during 201, as noted by the NB RK.

As of 1 January 2014, remote banking services through electronic terminals and remote access systems were provided by 27 second tier banks and KazPost JSC. Of those 24 banks and KazPost JSC provide services using credit cards and 13 banks without using them.


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