Presentation of MinTax Group
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Services associated with organization of tax accounting, including:

  • elaboration of TAP in accordance with requirements of the Tax Code. Elaboration of TAP is composed of elaboration of its methodological part, which is applied to determine  procedure of fulfillment of tax liabilities and elaboration of the forms of tax registers to the TAP, which are accepted to generalize and to systemize information for tax purposes;
  • elaboration of the TAP including specific features of taxation of subsurface users, including those carrying out Joint Operations under a subsurface contract;
  • analisys and development of the TAP and tax registers prepared by other consulting and auditing firms.

TAP elaborated by us reflects not only the variants to be chosen for maintenance of tax records in cases directly provided by the Tax Code, but also matters, which have not been settled by Tax Code, which often may cause disputes between   tax authorities and a taxpayer, which enables accurately maintenance of tax records and minimizes tax risks.

To determine the proposed scope of work and service fee you may download a blank form/questionnaire. Upon its completion please send it to us by e-mail. Email addresses are indicated on our website, section – “Place a Service Order (contacts)”.

You will be sent a Commercial Proposal at the earliest possible date.