Presentation of MinTax Group
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Vast practical experience of our specialists gained in tax and customs authorities of the RoK connected with their participation in formation of legislative and sublegislative regulatory legal acts on Tax and other Legislation of the RoK and tax inspections, as well as continuous growth of customer base, for which services associated with financial and tax audit, consulting and participation in court proceedings are provided let us  prepare  complete, argumentative and useful, in view of their use, consultations on the following taxes and payments:

  • Corporate Income Tax  (CIT);
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT);
  • Excise Duties;
  • Personal Income Tax (PIT);
  • Social Tax;
  • Land Tax;
  • Vehicles Tax;
  • Property Tax;
  • Other Taxes and Payments.

If requested by companies, we can provide consultations on a matter concerning organization of export and import transactions and also on application of the Customs Legislation standards, enabling to optimize payment of customs payments and taxes to be paid when importing or exporting goods.