The «Premium Solutions» Firm of Attorneys closely cooperates with MinTax Group. Yerlan Galiyev, the Attorney is a Director of the Law Firm. His is a member of the College of Advocates of Almaty city, the Alliance of Advocates of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our advocates have considerable experience in representing and protecting interests in courts, tax service authorities and law enforcement authorities on tax disputes. In recent years, the issue of specialization with government agency system is getting significant importance as well as the issue of institutes for protection of rights and interests of citizens and organizations, in particular the advocates.

Our specialization – tax issues (disputes related to assessment and payment of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget). Many years’ experience in providing services in this sphere enables us to render services in this area on a highly qualified level, taking into account all peculiarities of the legislation and available practice in law enforcement as well.

Our lawyers have also considerable experience in protecting the rights and interests on administrative offence cases, they represent interests in courts on business disputes, protect rights and interests in law enforcement bodies on the criminal cases in economic sphere.

Not only large international companies, the subsurface users companies are clients of our advocates, but the small and medium-sized enterprises indeed.

Why do we recommend assistance of the advocates? 

Only advocates have the right:

  • to participate as a defender or a representative of the principal in the criminal and administrative court procedure;    
  • to represent interests of the principal in the law enforcement bodies;
  • to perform professional protection on the criminal cases.

The advocate has the right:

  • to request and receive in all state bodies and non-state organizations the data necessary for performance of the advocacy;   
  • to study materials related to the person requested the assistance, including service documents, investigative and lawsuits, and to fix the information contained therein by means not prohibited by the legislative acts;   
  • to use the right of free access to the administrative court buildings, prosecutor’s office, authorities running the criminal process, in the prescribed manner, by showing them the attorney certificate;      
  • an access to the place of detention of suspended, arrested and serving sentence one;
  • other rights prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The state body or the official cannot refuse recognition of the right of the advocate to represent interests of the person which sought the legal assistance.

Guarantees given by the Lawon Advocacy

Interference to the advocacy or a prevention of his activity is forbidden.

An authentication of the advocate with a person to whom his is rendering legal assistance is forbidden.

It is forbidden to examine the advocate as a witness of circumstances that became known to him due to performance by him his own professional duties.

It is forbidden to request from the advocates to present whatever data connected with the performance of legal assistance to the certain person, except the cases established by the law.

The advocatory paperwork, other related materials and documents, as well as property of the advocate, including mobile communication devices, audio system and computers shall not subject to examination, inspection, seizure, impoundment and a check.

It is forbidden to refuse for the advocate to have face to face dates with his defendant in conditions, ensuring confidentiality of such dates, as well as to limit their number and duration.

Investigative and preliminary investigation agency and courts are obliged immediately, starting with the time of the advocate’s access to participation in a case, to issue him written confirmation about his access to the participation in the case for the entire period of the detention of his defendant.

Investigative and preliminary investigation agency, in cases prescribed by the procedural law, are obliged to notify the advocate about necessity of his participation in the investigative and other procedural actions in the term agreed with the advocate.

Public officials and superintendents of private organizations are obliged within ten days period to give written reply to the appeal of the advocate, which is connected with the performance by him of legal assistance in respect of the concrete case.

Persons made unlawful interference to the advocacy or preventing one to perform such activity shall be brought to responsibility in compliance with the law.

Advocate secrets (confidentiality)

The advocate secrets represent itself a confidential information defense mechanism, which is enshrined in the law.

The advocate secrets are composed of the fact of the call to the advocate, of data on the content of the oral and written negotiations with a person who called for the assistance, and other persons, on the nature and results undertaken in the interests of the person that called for the assistance, actions, as well as other information related to the performance of the legal assistance.

The advocates may not disclose as well as use in their own interests or in the interests of third persons whatever data received due to the performance of the legal assistance.

The advocate divulged data related to the advocate secrets without the consent of the one called for assistance, shall bear responsibility under the Law.

Guarantees of the advocate secrets are also founded in the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism.

The basis of our advocacy is a qualified legal assistance.


Yerlan Galiyev

Advocate, Ph.D.,

Has a license to engage in advocacy activity

Member of the Almaty Municipal College of Advocates

RoK Tax Consultant, Member of the CTC of the RoK PA


For 5 years Yerlan taught justice disciplines in the Kazakh Humanitarian-Justice University and the Higher Law School – Adilet Jurisprudence Academy. Since October 2003 he has been a member of our team.
Yerlan represents customers’ interests in RK courts in respect of tax and civil-legal disputes, in cases related to administrative offences.
He also acts as an organizer and direct participant in the performance of due diligence audits, provision of consulting services related to reorganization (mergers and associations) of international companies in the RK,
deals with issues related to civil, corporate, tax and labor law and directly participates in court proceedings in respect of disputes in the sphere of tax and civil legal relations.
Yerlan has author’s publications in the “Yurist”, “Krupnyi Biznes”, “Business Life” journals and others.


62 Б Karmysov Street, Almaty, 050010, Republic of Kazakhstan

tel.: +7 (727) 293-81-54/59; 291-10-74/91; 291-77-50

mob. office: +7 701 996 04 22; +7 701 996 04 22

fax: +7 (727) 293-81-50; 291-45-07

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