Presentation of MinTax Group
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  • Organization of financial accounting

-Accounting Policy elaboration;

-Elaboration of working chart of accounts and scheme of accounts correlation;

-Elaboration of forms of source documents and reports regulation;

-Elaboration of provisions on stock accounting, production accounting;

-Elaboration of duty regulations for employees of financial (accounting) services;

-Organization of internal control system;

-Arrangement of training for personnel of a customer.

  • Accounting restoration;

-Reflection in accounting registers of all the significant transactions of financial and economic activities for the restored period;

-Compilation of financial (accounting) reporting based on restored accounting registers, ;

-Compilation of main and supplementary tax reporting for the restored period;

  • Accounting support (full or partial);
  • Compilation of financial (accounting) reporting in accordance with the applicable basis of financial (accounting) reporting presentation;
  • Other accounting support;
  • Keeping the human resources documentation

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