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Roza Kinchinbayeva

Managing Partner
Certified Auditor, CIPA, CAP
Certified Professional Accountant
Certified Tax consultant
Director of the Representative Office of the “Chamber of Tax Consultants” of the RoK Public Association in Almaty city

Since 1991 Roza has been working in the republican financial and tax authorities. In 1996 Roza was assigned with a class ranking – Class II Advisor of the Tax Service. She was a member of a standing working group of the RoK Government focused on the contracting in the subsurface use sphere, while she was working as a Deputy Head of the Tax Due Diligence Department for Projects of the Ministry of Finances of the RoK. Roza took direct part in drafting of the laws and of the normative acts for the tax and subsurface use issues. She has negotiating experience with large foreign and domestic companies in conclusion of subsurface use contracts and other investment projects.   
Since 1999 Mrs. Kinchinbayeva is the Managing Partner of MinTax Group. She takes an active part in drafting the laws of the RoK in the sphere of taxes and other branches of the law as well. Roza has publications in journals such as “Kazinvest”, “Business Life”, etc.