We would like to remind you that deadlines for the payment of below listed taxes and payments expire in July 2021 on the following dates:

07 July 2021:

  • PIT[1] of persons engaged in private practice;
  • Current payment of the Vehicle tax;

21 July 2021:

  • Excise + excise for structural units;
  • Amounts of indirect taxes on imported goods within EAEU[2];

26 July 2021:

  • PIT at the source of payment, Social tax, social assessments, OPC[3], OPPC[4], OSMI[5] charges, OPC under CL[6] contracts;
  • Advance payment of CIT[7] for July 2021;
  • CIT at the source of payment;
  • Levy for the placement of outdoor (visual) advertising.

[1] Personal income tax.

[2] Eurasian Economic Union.

[3] Obligatory pension charges.

[4] Obligatory professional pension charges.

[5] Obligatory social medical insurance.

[6] Civil-legal.

[7] Corporate income tax.

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