On 27 July 2018 in the city of Astana, MinTax Group, within the framework of long-term cooperation with Kazakhstan Taxpayers Association (KTA) in Expert status, conducted a regular workshop at KTA dedicated to international taxation. The lecturer, Aliya Vaissova, Senior Manager of Tax Department, covered main changes in international taxation introduced by the new Tax code with effect from 2018.

The seminar was attended by representatives of accounting and tax departments of about twelve companies, including representatives of the National companies, the National Holding, financial institutions, major subsoil users, consulting companies and others.

During the workshop, participants asked questions to the lecturer related to the application of international treaties on the avoidance of double taxation, norms of the Tax Code, in the context of changes introduced in 2018, as well as whether the tax authorities have legal grounds to recognize as revenues the amounts of financing transferred to the branch by the head office – a non-resident legal entity.

After the workshop, respective presentation materials were distributed among all participants by e-mail.

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