On 11 December 2015 Mr. Yerlan Galiyev, the Independent Partner, Head of MinTax Group’s Legal Department, by invitation of the Chamber of Commerce of Tumen Region with the assistance of  the Government of Tumen Region (Russian Federation) in the city of Tumen held a 5-hours’ seminar for the businessmen on the topic: “Regulations and principles of operating in the Kazakhstan’s market”.

The importance of the seminar is due to the fact that both the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation are members of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The seminar was attended by representatives of more than 50 Russian companies operating in the oil and gas, industrial and other economic spheres of Tumen region. Mr. Galiyev made reports on the following topics:

1. Ways to enter the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RoK) (creating a joint venture, branch, representative office, etc.): legal, organizational, tax and other aspects;

2. Tax planning, including tax planning of business in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3. Basic practical issues of application of the Tax Treaty between the RF and RoK;

4. Issues related to application of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on licensing, permits and notifications;

5. Opportunities to participate in the procurement process in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The effect of “local content”. Main tender sites. Main specific features, risks, forms of participation in the tenders.

A particular interest of the Russian businessmen was focused on practical legal issues related to starting business in Kazakhstan, signing contracts with Kazakhstan’s companies, participating in public procurement, as well as the procurement of goods, works and services by subsurface users, as well as licensing issues.


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