MinTax Group created a good tradition, and once again the company held a seminar on the theme: “Tax Accounting on Joint Ventures” and “Planned amendments to the Tax Code” organized on 13 December 2013, in Almaty by the Kazakhstan Taxpayers Association for its members and other persons.

The lectures on the following topics at the seminar were: Andrey Khorunzhiy, Managing Partner of MinTax Group, President of the Chamber of Tax Consultants of the RoK and Laura Satybaldina, Project Director, Tax Department, MinTax LLP.

During the seminar, our lecturers answered to some questions of the audience on topics concerned.

Seminar Program:

“Planned amendments to the Tax Code (TC)”

1. Amendments to the “General Provisions” section of General Part

1.1 Concepts

1.2 Rights of tax authorities

2. Changes in the “Tax liabilities” section

2.1. Refund of excess VAT offset to a liquidated entity

2.2. Statute of limitations on tax liability

2.3. Features of fulfillment of tax liabilities for the restructured organizations

3. Changes in the “General Provisions” section of the special part

3.1. Tax filing procedure and other issues for tax reporting

3.2. Article 78 “Financial Leasing” TC

4. Certain changes relevant to taxpayers in the “CIT” section

5. Certain changes relevant to taxpayers in the “PIT” section

6. Changes in the “features of international taxation” section

6.1. Article 192 of the “non-resident income from sources in the Republic of Kazakhstan” section of the TC

7. Certain changes relevant to taxpayers in the “VAT” section

8. Certain changes relevant to taxpayers in the “Subsurface users taxation” section

9. Changes in the “vehicle tax” section

10. Changes in the “Land Tax” section

11. Changes in the “special tax regimes” section

12. Changes in the third part of the “tax administration” section

13. RoK Law of 19.12.2003 No. 508 -II “On Advertising”

14. RoK Law of 10.12.2008 No. 100 -IV “On entering of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan” On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget” (Tax Code) into force”

Seminar Program:

“Tax Accounting on Joint Ventures (JV)”

1. Provisions of IFRS 11

1.1. Provisions of IFRS 11 on accounting on joint ventures

1.2. Jointly controlled operations / JCO

1.3. Jointly controlled assets / JCA

2. TC requirements on tax accounting on JV

3. Order of activities for JV

4. Order of reflection in accounting and tax accounting of operations of JVA participants

4.1. Order of payment and invoicing between participants of JVA

4.2. Order of formation of the aggregate annual revenue of Companies for CIT

4.3. The procedure for forming a deduction from taxable income of Companies for CIT

4.4. Order of formation and tax reporting on CIT and VAT

4.5. Order of costs registration for deductibility on CIT

4.6. Order of accounting of deductions on Fixed Assets (FA) for CIT purposes

4.7. Other issues on CIT

5. Documents required for the tax accounting of Companies and the right to the audit for tax purposes

6. Issues concerning personnel taxation

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