According to information published by “Expert Kazakhstan” Rating agency and “Expert RA Kazakhstan” rating agency that performs the annually rating of consulting companies, MinTax LLP has once again been listed to the list of the largest consulting companies of Kazakhstan passed on results of activities for 2012 (Certificate of Listing dated 20 May 2013). Therefore, the Company ranks 5th in the list of the largest companies of Kazakhstan, that carry out activities on the services market (in 2011 the Company ranked 4th ).

MinTax LLP ranks 1st in the rating of leaders with respect to tax consulting revenue, with the considerable breakaway from the following leaders as per the rating (more than 2 fold higher than the Company that ranks 2nd ).

MinTax LLP ranks 3rd in the rating of the leaders on legal consulting services.

The Company ranks 4th in the rating of the leaders on HR management services provision (without consideration of the recruitment services).

To get more detailed information, please see “Expert Kazakhstan” Journal No. 20 (412), dated 20-26 May 2013, pages 26-29.

Source: “Expert RA Kazakhstan”

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