Mintax LLP. staff took part in the IV Kazakhstani Tax Forum held on the 29th September 2009 in the city of Almaty. The subject of this Forum was “Practice of Application of the New Tax Code of the RoK within the Global Economic Crisis”.

The following matters were discussed in the course of the Forum: application of the tax legislation of the RoK, mechanism of transition of subsurface users from contractual terms and conditions of taxation to general terms and conditions as per the effective tax legislation, problems of International taxation and transfer pricing in the RoK, quality of tax administering and automatized tax procedures, means of solution of tasks for fighting against false (pseudo) enterprises and protection of rights of bona fide taxpayers. Mintax LLP. staff took part in discussion of matters of practical application of the new tax legislation provisions.

There were representatives of state and business structures among attendees of the Forum as follows:
Timur Suleimenov, Vice Minister for Economics and Budget Planning of the RoK;
Daulet Yergozhin, Chairman of the Tax Committee under the RoK Ministry for Finance;
Rustam Ibraimov, First Deputy Chairman of the RoK Agency for Fight Against Economic and Corruption Criminality.
Exhibition of audit, consultancy and legal services and publications for taxation was organized within the framework of the Forum. The information with respect to services of Mintax Group was presented at this exhibition.

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