Taking into account the fact that the role of advocateship in the Republic of Kazakhstan (RoK) is being faded in, the leading legal personnel of MinTax Group are aiming at joining the Advocacy Association with the purpose of maximum use of legal means and mechanisms for protection of rights and legal interests of our clients.

On February 3, 2010 Erlan Galiyev, Director, Legal Department, MinTax LLP, obtained a License for the right to be engaged in advocacy based on the results of successful passing of exams at the Supreme Court Council of the RoK.

Joining the Advocacy Association and obtainment of a status of an Advocate offers advantages with respect to ensuring confidentiality in the course of interaction with our Clients established for advocates’ activities on the legislative level, to wit:
– interference with the advocacy being carried out in accordance with the legislation or this activity obstruction by any means is prohibited;
– it is prohibited to identify an Advocate with a person/entity, to whom he renders legal assistance;

– it is prohibited to examine an advocate as a witness concerning circumstances became known to him in regard with fulfillment of his professional duties;
– it is prohibited to enforce advocates to submit any information related to rendering legal assistance to a certain person/entity, except for cases established by the law;
– advocacy workflow, other relevant materials and documents as well as advocate’s property including mobile communication means, audio equipment, computer equipment shall not be subject to check-out, examination, seizure, caption and control except for cases provided for by the RoK laws;
– it is prohibited to refuse/reject an Advocate to communicate with his client tête-à-tête on terms, which ensure confidentiality of such communication, as well as it is prohibited to restrict/limit their number and duration.

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