MinTax Group offers a new service for taxpayers of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Express check of correctness of the calculation of the Corporate income tax (CIT).

This check will be carried out by us based on the data of companies’ accounting database.

Conducting an express check, in our opinion, will allow to solve the following tasks:
1) exclude significant risks associated with incomplete or incorrect presentation of accounting data in the CIT declaration;
2) exclude errors associated with applying the established norms, or their being applied with errors and/or omissions;
3) will make it possible to quickly eliminate errors in CIT tax accounting which will reduce the risks of additional charges by tax authorities and the imposition of penalties.

Based on the results of services provided, we will present a CIT calculation in Excel format, with a reconciliation between the data we obtained during the preparation of CIT declaration and the data of the declaration, or a draft CIT declaration prepared by yourselves.

By ordering this service, you will acquire confidence with regard to the correctness of preparation of the annual CIT declaration and the completeness of tax assessments. At the same time, the express check service is significantly cheaper than the service of carrying out a full check of tax accounting, which means considerable cost savings for your company.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Contact person: Mr. Mukhtar Bekzhigitov, Partner of MinTax Group, Director of Tax Department
Tel: +7 (727) 293-81-54/59,  291-77-50, ext.113
Office mobile: +7 (777) 780-09-04
Mobile: +7 (707) 222-76-20

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