Yerlan Galiyev –  Independent partner, Lawyer spoke on KTK TV channel against cutting down trees.
As Yerlan Galiyev said, we should not be indifferent to this.
Not only the Government, but also the public (every one of us) must immediately stop such acts when they are identified.
Responsibility (not only administrative, criminal, but also civil) must be strengthened.
The big question is how to adequately determine the damage caused by tree felling.
After all, one tree grows for decades, the state and the population bear the costs of watering, care, the tree produces oxygen and there are many other factors that are valuable in terms of property.
Yerlan Galiyev believes that the methodology for determining damage from cutting down trees needs to be adjusted.
On November 28, he gave comments on KTK TV channel (“Big News” program) regarding this important social issue.

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