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  • Preparation of full package of documents in accordance with the RoK requirements;
  • Representation of interests based on the issued Power of Attorney in case of in-house audit conducted by the RoK Supervisory Agencies in connection with obtaining a license.

Please note, that the leading principle on services provision in the area of licensing is promptness and efficient response, as unavailability of a license or an annex thereto may entail suspension of a company’s activity, as well as other severe legal sanctions on the part of the state.
To avoid your risks in licensing, we seek to continuous business support.
To determine the proposed scope of work and service fee you may download a blank form/questionnaire. Upon its completion please send it to us by e-mail. Email addresses are indicated on our website, section – “Place a Service Order (contacts)”.
You will be sent a Commercial Proposal at the earliest possible date.