Presentation of MinTax Group
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MinTax Group is pleased to provide comprehensive range of legal services as your legal adviser in the RoK, including, but not limited to:

  • legal consulting and recommendations on civil, corporate, contractual, labour or other legal relations;
  •  representation of interests in state bodies and courts;
  • advisory of general meetings of participants, shareholders;
  • drafting agreements (contracts, arrangements) to be concluded with business partners, clients and suppliers, as well as other  agreements concerning our clients’ business;
  • drafting by –laws, labour agreements and other documents in the area of labour relations;
  • other legal services.

At your option, we can provide legal services based on a framework contract of services which is concluded without day or provision of services based on the contract of monthly subscriber –based service.
Our feature is provision of legal services with the use of continuous assistance of auditors and tax consultants of MinTax Group in addition to many years’ experience of our legal experts.

To determine the proposed scope of work and service fee you may download a blank form/questionnaire. Upon its completion please send it to us by e-mail. Email addresses are indicated on our website, section – “Place a Service Order (contacts)”.
You will be sent a Commercial Proposal at the earliest possible date.