This innovation has been adopted by deputies of Majilis. The new management system and the new mechanism of financing of “Complex of innovation technologies” which is located in Almaty. The bill has been adopted by the deputies of Majilis, as the correspondent of business portal from Astana informs.

In particular, one has legislatively established an individual control system for the Special Economic Space “Complex of innovative technologies”. Management body will be reorganized into a non-profit organization – autonomous cluster fund.

“We also introduced the concept of “innovation cluster” – an association of science education organizations, joint venture funds, as well as businesses and individuals who will interact and stimulate industrial innovation. A new funding mechanism will also be introduced, including 1 % of annual income of companies subsoil users”, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Minister of Industry and New Technologies, Asset Issekshev said.

The innovation cluster with a new organizational form of government will be headed by the Board of Trustees headed by the president of the country, which will determine the development strategy of the cluster.

“The second level – the managing committee headed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan , which will provide the necessary control and operation of the cluster, ” Asset Issekshev added.

As he said, under the law of RK “On the innovation cluster” Complex of Innovative Technologies” one plans to simplify attracting foreign labor in the autonomous cluster fund “Complex of Innovative Technologies.

“We understand that we will need foreign specialists who have experience in the development of innovative clusters. The specialists we have are not enough. We want them to make a simplified procedure for these organizations in the autonomous fund. I do not think that one will employ who would help us develop this cluster. This action is not a mass flow of workers, and a loophole,” the minister said.

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