Only if introduced to this law, a new permit or notification may come to existence. Source: Novosti-Kazakhstan IA

The bill assuming the conservation of the number of permissive and notification documentation in Kazakhstan is at the final stage of negotiation with government agencies, the Minister of Regional Development, Mr. Bolat Zhamishev said on Thursday, as Novosti-Kazakhstan IA reports.

“The bill has now been prepared, it is at the final stage of approval, the bill is about permissions and notifications and it excludes the possibility of increasing any permits arbitrarily, without these permissions and notifications being introduced into the list of this Law,” – Zhamishev said at the briefing in the Central Communications Service.

According to him, totally the list is going to comprise 768 documents – 733 permits and 35 notifications. “That is, based on the practice, we used to cut the number of permits and notifications by 30% – and still their number remained the same, as each new legal act generated new ones; now the bill would allow to finish it, because only through being introduced to this law a new permission or notification may come to existence, “- the Minister stressed.

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