ASTANA 5th December – PA Novosty-Kazakhstan. The president of the RoK, Nursultan Nazarbayev has signed the law “On amendments to some legislative acts of the RoK on issues of taxation” which are elaborated to improve the tax law, as reported by the press- service of Akorda. 

The law provides for the norms of the implementation of the concept of the new budget policy with respect to the strengthening the fiscal function and some taxes on luxury (excise on tobacco and alcohol tax on transport and property) as well as decisions of the consultation council on taxation issues.   

To take disincentive measure to population to consumption of socially-harmful products, the increase in the rates on alcohol products is provided for by.  At that, the increase will be applied to strong drink only. Increase in rates on the low alcoholic would probably be considered in 2014.

On strong drink one has proposed to increase the rates in 2014 from 500 to 1 000 Tenge, in  2015  — up to 1200 Tenge and in  2016— up to 1600 Tenge. 

To perform further increase in rate of excise duties on cigarettes, in 2015 the law will increase the rates of excise duties from 3 000 to 3900 Tenge and in 2016 — from 3900 to 5 000 Tenge, or annually by 30%.

Earlier the deputies of the majilis proposed to increase the rate on vehicles with the engine volume from 4 to 5  cc and apply the rate of tax of up to 130  MCI  for vehicles with engine volume of more than 5 000 — up to 200 MCI.  The new rates of taxes are proposed to apply to vehicles which will be bought from 1 January 2014 , ie the vehicles previously bought will be applied the unchanged rate. 

Source: Novosty Kazakhstan Agency of the International Information

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