The budget policy in the mid-term period will be aimed at ensuring balancing of state finances.

Source: ИА ZAKON.KZ 

In 2014 measures of counter-cyclical control over economy.

Information was presented by the RoK Prime –Minister, S. Akhmetov on the plenary meeting of the RoK Parliament Majilis, after approval of the draft law “On Republican Budget for 2014-2016” on 23 October”. Information was published by Salykvko.​gov.​kz.

“Formation of draft republican budget was performed based on the Concept of the new budget policy approved by the Government state.  Next year, one will continue implementation of measures on counter-cyclical control over economy to ensure parameters of social and economical development at the planned level. In general, the budget policy in the mid-term will be aimed at be aimed at ensuring balancing of state finances. The priority will be social modernization, regional development, diversification of economy, support of SMEs development, creation of favourable conditions and environment for industrialization”, S. Akhmetov said. 

Currently, the draft law approved by the Majilis is under discussion by the Senate of the parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  

It should be noted, that Article 10 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Republican Budget for 2014-2016” approved the following base rates:

On 1 January 2014 the following rates were approved:

1) Minimum salary – 19 966 tenge;

2) State reference pension rate – 9 983 tenge;

3) Minimumpension – 20 782 tenge;

4) Monthly calculation index for benefits and other social payments computation and for application of penalty sanctions, taxes and other payments according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 1 852 tenge;

5) level of the subsistence minimum to assess a reference rate of social payments – 19 966 tenge.


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