A deputy, Mukhtar Tinikeyev, has published web page in Facebook the rates of tax for the cars with the engine volume of more than 3 000 cc, as Business Portal Kapital.kz. reports.

The following is the new rates: 3 001-3 200 cc — 35 MCI, from 3 200-3 500 cc. — 46 MCI, 3 500-4 000 cc — 66 MCI, 4 000-5 000 cc. — 130 MCI, from 5 000 cc and more — 200 MCI plus 7 Tenge for each following cc of the engine volume. 

According to the words of the member of the Majilis, fiscal changes will concern all the cars without exclusion, which will be acquired after 1 January 2014. The rates of the tax  for cars with the engine volume of  more than 3 000 cc will be remained unchanged. 

Please note that the members of the Majilis have agreed that starting from 2014 one have to increase tax for luxury items. When performing the second reading the Bill “ On amendments to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on tax matters”. was approved. 

Source: Business portalKapital.kz.


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