Pioneer Corporation has announced the new laser disks which in comparison with the wide-spread Blu-Ray disks enable to record the data for the longer period. At that, once side contains 256 GB. The structural approach is applied whereby there is one management layer regulating the functions of all the remaining layers of the disk. The current disks has both recording and regulating layers at one side, and now it is possible to locate such layers in the form of stack one over another increasing the disk level.

There are eight recording layers of total 256 GB and each of 32 GB. Using the double side disks it can be increased up to 512 GB. Recently, Sony and Panasonic have presented their own product – Archival Disc, which in future can be the probable competitor of Pioneer product.

Regardless of continuing reduction of the SSD cost and increased HD, the developers of the laser disks are confident in their urgency in the sphere of the archive data storing due to the low cost of the servicing and access speed. In this case, the advantage is that the new disks shall not require the upgrade of the hardware and software since they are compatible with Blu-Ray specifications. Having upgrading the firmware of players, their owners shall be able to use the Pioneer disks.

In future, 12-layer disks of 1 TB can be presented; however, there is no any information on the commercial sales of the new Pioneer’s disks.



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