Canadian scientists believe that gamers are starting to lose gaming skills on reaching 24 years of age. The loss rate of the reaction is a professional video game fans disease .

Canadian scientists conducted an experiment analyzing the mental capacity of professional gamers. As an object of study, the researchers took gamers of StarCraft II. In this game you have to make at least 300 actions per minute. The researchers found that the changes become noticeable after gamer oversteps 24 -year-old age limit.

The most serious consequence is the “delay” of thinking associated with the overload in the past. Thus, the 39 -year-old professional gamer is required when every decision is taken for 30 seconds more than the norm. According to scientists, the gamers have virtually no chance to keep the reaction rate at the same level in adulthood.

But visual and computer games can entail not only harm. Thus, a group of researchers from the University of California developed a special application for  iPad, which allows a person to significantly improve his/her reaction and that helped some users to triple visual acuity.

The essence of the application is to ensure that it displays complex patterns that you need to trace the finger. These patterns are not random – they are drawn in view of how the neurons work in the so-called “early” visual cortex of the brain responsible for processing information from the eyes. Vision of subjects participated in the experiment was much improved, and in some cases, some of them learned to read the smallest letters on the Snellen test card at a distance exceeding  the norm three times.


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