In Japan researches tested a tiny computer that can be worn on one ear . Mini-computer weighs only 17 grams and is equipped with a module Bluetooth, receiver GPS, compass, gyro sensor, barometer, speaker, microphone and battery. Device until that simply referred to as “Earclip-type Wearable PC”, allows users to download and install additional software.

You can control the computer through facial expressions, such as a raised eyebrow, nose wrinkling or holding his tongue between his teeth. Infrared sensor notes even minor movements inside the ear that occur when straining facial muscles. For interaction with the device one does not need hands, and it can be used by athletes, astronauts and the disabled.

Computer can connect to the Internet via other mobile devices (e.g. smart phone, which is supported by the connection of Bluetooth), as well as monitor the health of the owner, tracking their physical activity, heart rate and body temperature.

Developers expect to release a commercial version of the device by April 2016.

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