US Patent and Trademark Bureau published a new Apple’s application, in which the company proposes to expand the interaction between the driver and iPhone/iPad mobile devices to ensure getting quicker information about a car.  As conceived by the company’s engineers, car owners will get an interactive instruction for a particular car model, which will run on smartphones and tablets and, if necessary, will be transmitted via CarPlay interface. As it is known, to order necessary car components, one needs the car’s VIN-number. Apple offers that cars be equipped with a simple interface capable of transmitting their VIN data to iPhone/iPad when connected to these devices. Thanks to a precise identifier available, the mobile device will independently locate the right instructions for a specific model. If necessary, the user will be able not only to get advice on dealing with a particular car system, but also to order spare parts or consumables.

The special mobile app will independently locate nearby shops and auto shops. Photos and video-hints will be available for car self-service. It will be possible to make voice queries, using Siri personal assistant. In short, Apple is ready to make life much easier for motorists. Those who have no Apple gadgets can apply to similar programs of third-party developers. In this case VIN will have to be entered manually. As Patenty Apple notes, the option of vehicles’ identification via transmission of VIN-numbers offered by the US computer electronics giant can easily fit into the future “Internet of Things” concept and V2V systems, which are being adopted by auto manufacturers. In the nearest future transport vehicles will be able to exchange information about the state of roads, average traffic speed in certain areas, consider road signs, etc.



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