The Service central communications held a briefing on inclusion of the Kazakh language in Google translator. Source: Kakhstanskaya Pravda Republican Newspaper

Many Kazakhs actively use one of the most popular and free translation systems, which is called “Google translator “, working online. Today, this system provides cross translation between 80 languages ​​of the world. Quality of translation, according to the head of public fund Wikibilim, Rauan Kenzhekhanuly is high enough, and these texts with minimal editing can be used in a professional everyday life.

– Half of the year we were puzzled which way we can include the Kazakh language in this system. We applied to Google Company. Its representatives and the team engaged in the development of network Google translator   explained us that this is necessary to provide the system with a lot of mirror translation from Kazakh into English and vice versa. Thus a machine translation system will be able to master the Kazakh language and algorithms and over time can build some translation versions – he said.

It was also noted that Beeline Kazakhstan is also involved in this project. In a short time we managed to provide the Google translator system with mirror translation by working together. The result was the launch of corresponding test page in Google that requires users of the Kazakh language to work actively to make the examination of these proposals. The sooner the Kazakh language appears in the Google translator, the higher the quality of translations is.

The purpose of this meeting is to attract a larger number of users – people who are interested in Kazakh language, which would connect to this site and would enable the Google translator to evaluate the proposals. The faster and more suggestions are given, the sooner we reach our goal as Rauan Kenzhekhanuly said.

To ensure the quality of this work, Beeline Kazakhstan Company took the decision to declare grants for hiring professional translators, who for three months would be able to be engaged expertise as in main work. Beeline Kazakhstan was expressed gratitude for its support.

Translations from Kazakh into English and vice versa will be launched, possibly before the end of 2014 in full volume. Today, the global translation service Google Translate includes, as noted above, 80 languages, but the Kazakh language has not been included yet. For inclusion of the Kazakh language in the translation service we have to work hard. To implement this initiative, the state support is not enough. We also need help of the public. Internet users should be aware that the inclusion of the Kazakh language in Google Translate is an important project aimed at the development of the Kazakh language content on the Internet. The more correctly executed translations from languages ​​that internet users know are uploaded, the faster Google Translate + Kazakh will develop.



Source: Kakhstanskaya Pravda Republican Newspaper

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