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The phrase said by Mr. Rockefeller, a recognized business guru, long ago: “In life, only two things are inevitable: death and taxes”, has been a catch phrase. Really, it’s a poor businessman who does not think about how to build up his relationship with the state in terms of taxes. Currently, tax relations are quite complex, and constantly changing. Be aware of these changes and have qualified consulting support is vital for all growing businesses. And what could be more operational than telecommunication technology?

Chamber of Tax Consultants of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – the RoK CTC) is a professional association of specialists in the field of tax relations. The Chamber offers a new approach to tax consulting and provision with information on tax relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan – “Taxes in Kazakhstan” information portal. This shared resource on the Internet provides with the most complete information about the tax system and tax administration in Kazakhstan, as well as information and activities with the use of IT- technologies to improve skills of workers of taxpayers involved in tax legal relationship.

The portal will give its visitors an opportunity to get detailed information and training or in-service training for all categories of taxpayers, including specific to the industry or line of business. The on-line consulting service which has no analogues in Kazakhstan is provided by the most qualified experts in the field of taxation, who are tax consultants of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who combine the positive practice of tax consulting.

Getting advice, ordering tax consultant services or services of a consulting company, obtaining an opinion of an independent expert of the RoK CTC, ordering an online seminar, choosing a tax consultant, passing a test on knowledge of tax laws or submitting a proposal to change the tax law, all these services have become a simple action today, like any communication on the Internet. At that, the quality of this communication is ensured by the community of professionals, but not by a small group of specialists.

The portal contains regulations of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of taxation applicable to the specific tax periods, information on its application issued by state authorities as well as experts, the scientific community and taxpayers. The portal includes the professional on-line database “Legal adviser”, containing more than 40,000 documents on the legislation of Kazakhstan. The base is equipped with special means of classification, search and work with regulatory documents. Service database features allow you to effectively organize the search and work with a large array of documents. All legal documents are processed and provided with hypertext and comments.

Interactive Distance Learning Center offers a unique opportunity of training and information support through the Internet.  Any user of the portal from the individual entrepreneur to a businessman who heads large international companies can keep abreast of changes in tax legislation, receive highly qualified consulting support. The portal offers “alive” professional communication and exchange of information on practices to fulfill requirements of the tax legislation in the forums. Each taxpayer has an opportunity to ask questions and express his/her opinion in the sphere of tax relations.

To keep abreast of developments and changes in tax relations is an absolute must for any business and this opportunity is available to all on the “Taxes in Kazakhstan” portal, on the Internet at

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