Kazakhstan people will be able to return defective goods to retail shops even after six months,  КТК TV channel informs. On 24 March the Senate adopted amendments to the Law on protection of rights of consumers. Previously, the goods could be returned only within first two weeks after purchase.

According to the TV channel, Mr. Yerbolat Dosayev, the Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan explained that it was decided to make the amendments after numerous complaints of customers. As mentioned, many buyers note the defects after quite a long while. It is emphasized though, that the Law does not apply to all types of goods; in particular, perishable foodstuffs can be returned back to the store within a clearly defined time frame.

“We have updated the current rules to make possible the return of goods due to a poor quality upon presentation of necessary documents. We have put everything in order, because we divided the goods to categories. Because there are so-called seasonal products that you may buy in winter, but use them in summer, and you only learn about the product’s quality in summer, when you start to use it. All these rules have been put in order” – the TV channel cites Mr. Dosayev.

Source: КТК

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