Deputies of the Senate (upper house) of the Kazakhstan’s Parliament reviewed in two readings and passed the Law ‘On introducing amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan concerning reduction of permission documents and simplifying licensing procedures”, the correspondent of IA Novosti-Kazakhstan reports.


The main purpose of the law is to reduce the administrative burden on businesses by reducing the permits and simplify licensing procedures.


“In 2014 the Law “On permits and licenses” was passed which established an exhaustive list consisting of 481 permits. An inventory of the licensing system had been performed which identified 52 permits issued for dangerous activities and 41 permit prescribed by the international obligations which, accordingly, were not to be reduced” – Mr. Marat Kusainov, Vice-Minister of National Economy said at the plenary session of the House. According to him, the Law envisages cancelling  34 permits; 105 permission documents are supposed to be excluded for optimization purposes.


“In total, it is proposed to cancel 153 permits. In the meantime, 42 permission documents were canceled under the Law “On introducing amendments and additions to certain legislative acts concerning cardinal improvement of conditions for entrepreneurial activity”. These amendments are aimed at reducing the time of state registration of real estate from 5 to 3 business days, to implement the mechanism of payment of customs duties in real time, strengthening measures for protection of minority investors”,- Mr. Kusainov informed.


Furthemore, responsibility of energy transmission organizations is established to improve the quality and reliability of power supply.


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