Today, at the briefing held in the Central Communications Service (CCS) the Akim of Almaty city Mr. Bauyrzhan Baybek called Almaty the country’s main tax donor.


“Almaty is the country’s largest megalopolis generating 20% of GDP and providing 31% of tax revenues of the State. According to the results of 2015, the gross regional product of Almaty for the first time in history exceeded KZT 8.5 trillion. There is a growth of more than 2.5%” – B. Baybek said.


According to the Akim, Almaty is the development center of small and medium-sized businesses and retailers.


“Today, half of the wholesale, about a quarter of retail operations, one sixth of the foreign trade and 60% of portfolio of second-tier banks, loans are with us. In general, despite the difficult situation in the world and the crisis which affects Kazakhstan, the state budget received KZT 1,036 billion. Of that, there is 10% overfulfillment on the Republican budget and 6% on the local budget” the Akim noted.


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