Today at the plenary session of the Majilis the deputies appealed to the President to dissolve the Majilis and arrange extraordinary elections , informs. 

The statement was read out today by the Communist People’s Party deputy Vladislav Kosarev during a joint briefing with the participation of all groups of the House.

 “We support the initiative of the early termination of powers of deputies of the fifth convocation”, – V. Kosarev cited. According to him, the current Majilis has fulfilled its historic mission by creating a legislative basis for the Nations’ Plan. “The Parliament passed about 80 laws, road maps have been created for the implementation of each of the President’s five constitutional reforms. And now, when we enter a new historical period, at the start of the country’s modernization and all-round political implementation of the Presidential reforms,  it is crucial that the parties receive a new mandate from the electorate.

Second, at this crucial time, active implementation of anti-crisis measures requires broad public consolidation. Only unity and concerted actions will allow us to withstand new economic shocks. Third, to synchronize actions on the implementation of reforms at all levels, it is necessary to combine the elections to the Parliament with the elections to local Maslikhats, which will allow in crisis conditions not to delay the election cycle and reduce budget expenditures on the organization of the elections.

Based on the foregoing, we appeal to the Head of State with an initiative that the Kazakhstan President’s Decree should be issued concerning the early dissolution of the Majilis of the Kazakhstan’s Parliament of V convocation and appointment of early elections of deputies of the Majilis”, – V. Kosarev said at the plenary session.

Another deputy Nurlan Abdirov also stated that representatives of all three groups of the Parliament presented the initiative for the early dissolution of the Majilis.

It will be recalled that the powers of the Majilis of the Parliament of this convocation expire in the autumn of 2016. The Majilis consists of 107 deputies. 98 deputies are elected by voting on the parties’ lists. 9 Majilis deputies are elected by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. The term of office of the Majilis deputies is 5 years. Regular elections of the Majilis deputies are held no later than two months before the end of the term of office of the current convocation of the Parliament. Extraordinary elections of deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament are held within two months from the date of early termination of powers.

Regular elections of the Maslikhats’ deputies were held on 15 January 2012. The term of office of local representative bodies is four years.

The elections were held with participation of seven political parties, three of them gained more than 7% of the vote and passed to the Majilis of the Parliament: Nur Otan People’s Democratic Party (80.99%), Ak Zhol Democratic Party of Kazakhstan (7.47%), Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan (7.19%).

The number of deputies representing the political parties of Kazakhstan in the Majilis: Nur Otan – 83 deputies, Ak Zhol – 8 deputies, CPPK – 7 deputies. The Assembly of Kazakhstan’s People is represented by 9 deputies.


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