The Government intends to oblige the Kazakhstan people to declare their property located abroad. This was reported today by the Vice-Minister of Finance Mr. Ardak Tengebayev at the briefing held in the Central Communications Service (CCS), informs. 

“Nowadays the law does not require that a person having any real property abroad must inform the tax authorities, so nobody provides such information”, – Mr. Tengebayev said.

According to him, appropriate amendments have already been prepared.

“If we adopt this rule that people must declare and specify the property that is located abroad, then its concealment will be considered as a direct violation of the law. I believe that our citizens will not act like that”, – Mr. Tengebayev added.

The bill is titled “On introducing amendments to some legislative acts concerning legalization of property”. The Vice-Minister of Finance informed that, as soon as the Parliament begins to work, the bill will be presented to the deputies’ review.



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