Tax authorities of Almaty is working on -site control by comparison, study and analysis of tax reporting forms submitted by taxpayers, information of public authorities as well as other information about the activities of taxpayers  as reported by “”

The purpose of in-house control is to provide a taxpayer with possibility of to independently correct the violations identified by the results of in-house control without a tax audit and tax assessment without penalty.

 Tax authorities of Almaty developed and implemented in the work a methodology of a format and logistics control of tax reporting forms, which identifies specific gaps and precisely identifies errors taxpayers in accordance with the Tax Code.

Results of revealed discrepancies are brought to the taxpayers for independent elimination. For the past three months of the year, 1286 entities of Almaty have eliminated the violations by providing additional declarations with tax accrual of KZT 7.5 billion.

During the period of moratorium on audits, tax authorities of Almaty will focus efforts on the cameral control which ensure that taxpayers fulfill tax obligations in good time.

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