Chairman of the Financial Police Agency, Rashid Tussupbekov and the President of the national chamber of entrepreneurs, Timur Kulibayev have signed a memorandum on mutual cooperation in protection of rights of entrepreneurs, as the press service of the financial police informed. Source: NA

The memorandum provides for the implementation of joint activities, identifying systemic problems and barriers, hindering business development, taking measures to prevent illegal inspections of business entities.

For these purposes, the financial police and the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs will hold working meetings, develop joint programs and create consultative and advisory bodies and working groups.

For effective cooperation in the framework of the Memorandum, a deputy chairman of the Financial Police Agency, A.Bodanov and chairman of the board of the National Chamber, A. Myrzahmetov signed Business Plan on the Memorandum implementation.

“Since 2012 the Agency has been taking the system measures optimizing inspections of businesses and reducing the burden on businesses,” R. Tussupbekov said.

One has excluded inspection on anonymous petitions, calling for entrepreneurs to conduct a survey. Documents can be withdrawn after the inspection has been conducted.  Interference in civil relations and suspension of business activities, inspection on ordinary crimes and inspection in cases where the damage does not exceed the threshold for criminal responsibility is not allowed.

With the creation of the Situation Centre, the financial police refused from indiscriminate business checks and focused its work solely on the identification of illegal acts in the informal sector, as well as the facts of embezzlement of budgetary funds.

The Situation Centre, using a database of public authorities, other public sources of information, without interfering in activities of business entities, allows you to simulate shadow and corruption schemes for their timely detection.

“Thus, we can remotely and “not leaving the office” collect  the necessary amount of information enabling  us to make a conclusion regarding the presence or absence of signs of criminal activity and take a decision to initiate verification only on this basis ” the Chairman of the Financial Police Agency said.

In general, measures taken for the past 2 years have allowed reducing the number of inspections of entrepreneurs conducted by the competent authorities on the initiative of the Financial Police 5 times.

In 2011, 1715 of such inspections were held, in 2012 – 1009, in 2013 – only 340 inspections.

In 2013, the financial police detected 214 cases of interference in the small and medium business by officials from other government agencies, most of which involves systematically taking bribes – 107.

R. Tussupbekov suggested formation of the National Chamber of Business Public Council on combating the shadow economy – an advisory body with representatives from the government and business community, which will discuss and work out measures to reduce the volume of “shadow” economy.

Head of anti-corruption agency said that “the Agency recognizes  the National House of entrepreneurs as a reliable partner in ensuring the protection of the rights of honest businessmen.”

He also expressed confidence that the implementation of the Memorandum and the Action Plan will increase the effectiveness of protection of legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs. R. Tussupbekov instructed all heads of territorial bodies of financial police to collaborate with the regional chambers of entrepreneurs.

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