In the Republic of Kazakhstan, one proposed the use the old cash registers. This was told by Dmitry Doltes, deputy director of Vaika -KA in Pavlodar, business portal. reports.

“The widespread use of POS-terminals implies entails social tensions. This is due to the fact that the replacement of cash registers applies to medium and small businesses, self-employed population. All technical equipment is supposed to be introduced at the expense of a businessman – the acquisition of POS-terminal “, Dmitry Doltes said.

He noted that if the second-tier banks (STB) issue POS- terminals for the gratuitous use, they will demand from the owner complying with certain conditions. “It’s such conditions as: quarterly turnover must be from 200 to 500 thousand tenge per quarter; or a minimum number of transactions per month must be at least 50. Failure to meet one of the conditions entails the removal of the terminal by a bank and removal this entrepreneur from servicing”, Dmitry Doltes complains.

Some banks have stopped issuing terminals. And in some regions, some banks have not even started issuing POS-terminals for businessmen.

According to Dmitry Doltes , the minimum cost of the terminal is 57,000 tenge. For connection terminal to the system an additional charge should be paid. Monthly service fee is 2,500 tenge and is paid by businessman. For each transaction 3-5% of the value of goods or services is charged.

Dmitry Doltes offered oblige STB to apply uniform percentage per transaction – no more than 2%. However, he thinks that we should use the current cash registers, not banning the validity term in order a businessman could have the right of choice.

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