In 2013, the company favored our top managers. The labor market in 2013 was paradoxical: on the one hand – the shortage of personnel, on the other hand – a lot of people are looking for and cannot find a job that they want. “The high demands of employers, inflated ambitions of professionals who live using yardstick of 6 years ago and many other aspects create a certain impression of chaos” Yelena Grishuk, director Executive Search of Forsage agency said it in interview to Business Portal.

The market is actively growing, and, if desired, using the right approach, the employer can always build a team that can implement challenging projects, and experts to find a job. On average, we cannot see significant growth in wage levels this year compared with 2012 in the market.

“The number of expats from Ukraine has increased, but the number of expats from Western Europe and the United States has reduced. In general, a good trend is that more and more companies prefer Kazakh top managers not expats. However, there is a great shortage of staff in the regions. This year has shown the stricter requirements of employers to the level of competence and professionalism of its teams,”- Elena Grishuk concluded.

The speaker said about the specialists who were in demand in the past year. “I’m going to talk about top managers and key specialists in the commercial sector of Kazakhstan as Forsage specializes in working in this segment. The most popular tops were CEOs, Director of Development, commercial directors, project managers, production directors, technical directors and directors of security companies.

Besides, the chief accountant and chief technologists were also required,” Elena Grishuk said. The deficit is observed in specific industries and here the situation is as follows: agriculture, oilfield, construction (especially civil and road), food manufacturers, engineering and medicine felt staff shortages. Especially, if we speak about the work in regions.

Wages are dictated by the market. “Over the past years we have seen that employers save and calculate budgets for salaries. We cannot often see grand gestures on acquiring the specialists at any price as before. But, nevertheless, managers, bringing real results are paid well, “Grishuk said.

If we speak about top managers, the average monthly salary is 5000 – 15 000 USD + bonuses based on performance. “If we are talking about core competence specialists and middle managers, the average salary is 2500-5000 USD depending on the industry and the position. My answer is that this is absolutely the market average in the commercial sector. There are salaries that go beyond these indicators, upwards and downwards”, she concluded.

Source: Business Portal.

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