Energy circle construction is the large scale energy project during the independence years.  Source: IA. 

In Almaty a new power station “Besagash” has been commissioned The project on construction of energy circle of 220 Kw has been implemented. Over five years 29 substations have been constructed and commissioned in Almaty.  Every year 300 km networks were reconstructed, 15 km of new electric networks were constructed, the press service of akim of the city informs. 

  1. Yessimov studied infrastructure of the new substation. He noted that, the new circle will increase power supply in Almaty and its superb, and will give an impulse for city development.

“After implementation of the project, the new energy circle has been created which will ensure power supply for the next 20-25 years”. This gives an opportunity to open new production in North-East part of Almaty and suburbs of Almaty.   Previousle we could not ensure complete power supply, and now the issue is settled,” A. Yessimov said. 

SS 220/110/10-10 кВ “Besagash”  is a substation of closed type with power of 500 МВА and is located in Taldykorgan in the region nearby Besagash village, near Almaty. 

Equipment assembled at SS 220/110/10-10 кВ “Besagash”, manufactured by domestic and foreign specialists based on the state of art technologies applicable in the world power supply system.  “Besagash” substation was performed by construction of enter-exit    ВЛ-220 kW В SS “Besagash” – SS “Alma” and “Besagash” – SS “Robot”. 

 For creation of the circle of 220 kW around Almaty city cable power transmission line support 220 kW of SS “Besagash” –SS Yermensay of 27,14 km has been constructed, among which air space through mountains comprise 5 km.

Source: IA


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