We could observe such a trend in January-November this year. Source: Kapital.kz Business Portal. 

In Kazakhstan, in January-November 2013, 2,453 million ton of motor fuel (petrol, including aviation petrol), that is 5,9% less than in the similar period of 2012. This information was provided by the Agency for statistics. 

Besides, according to the Agency for statistics, 4,658 million ton of diesel fuel was produced in the republic (growth is by 8,9%), 3,410 million tin of reduced fuel oil (reduction  by 3,7%). 

Currently, in Kazakhstan, three large oil refineries are operating. Pavlodar, Atyrau, Shimkent. 

Situation at the fuel market of Kazakhstan exclusively depends on oil refineries and tax policies of the state. However, the measures taken do not have a positive impact. Attempts of the government to avoid deficiency in fuel supply entail degeneration of fuel and increase in prices of the fuel, OilNews.​kz. informs. 

One of the reasons of increased prices is in fuel supply. Large companies buy petrol here at its own closed for other people prices. Retailers have to apply to petroleum storage depots, since refineries do not sell retail. These are additional costs, since prices in oil petroleum storage depots are higher than the same in refineries. Furthermore, one have to rent petrol tankers and owners of fuel stations have to have free funds to perform advance payment. 

High petrol prices are explained by obsolescence and low efficiency of refineries. While in USA refineries 420 liters of petrol can be produces, in Kazakhstan it is three times less.  The main reason is incorrectness and complicity of formula based on which petrol prices are computed. The last increase in petrol prices is short supply of fuel, but not the increase in the price per barrel at the world market. However, after lifting of restrictions to the import of fuel from Russia, short supply of POL was liquidated, but nobody will apply the previous price of fuel, while the price per barrel is lower than the same in October 2012, when the price of АИ-92 was 110 Tenge.

Source: Kapital.kz business portal


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