Since 2005, more than $ 170 billion of foreign direct investment has been attracted in Kazakhstan and bilateral agreements on the promotion and protection was signed by 148 countries. Accumulated direct investment per capita in 2012 amounted to $ 6.5 thousand, Kazakhstan now ranks the first place in the post-Soviet space.


These figures were provided by the Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov, when opening the Ist Almaty International Investment Forum. As the head of the Government noticed, these indicators have been achieved through the adoption of systematic measures to ensure macroeconomic stability and the creation of a favorable investment climate.

“In accordance with the policy of the President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, a close attention is paid to creation of favorable conditions for business in the country”, Serik Akhmetov said. “The legislation provides for significant investment preferences. According to investor protection index published by the World Economic Forum in 2013-2014, Kazakhstan occupies the 10th place, keeping ahead many European countries.”

“But in addition to progress, we need clear and transparent rules for foreign investors, under these conditions, the investor will come to Kazakhstan, the Prime Minister said.” He added that the Government of Kazakhstan is currently working with it, and that it is opened for cooperation and dialogue.

Among the participants of the Almaty Forum – heads of international financial institutions, famous economists, government representatives, investors. Key speakers forum – Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, professor of economics from Bangladesh, the creator of microcredit financing, Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London, Thomas Mayer, managing director of infrastructure of EBRD. Meeting in the same room of “pure” investors and bankers with the social business representatives, for e.g. Muhammad Yunus promised interesting discussions.  Well known financial Russian journalist, Daniel Babich also took participation in these discussions. They talked not only about the investments and profits, but also on social aspects of business projects aimed at addressing the issues and challenges relevant to the organization of comfortable and safe life of people in the RoK. Companies, banks, funds operating in Kazakhstan have succeeded in this, including with the participation of foreign capital, which number is about 8 thousand.

One of the objectives of the forum was to present investment opportunities of the largest metropolis of the country, as well as new mechanisms for financing municipal projects. That is reasonably: Almaty investment model – this is slice, illustration of success of the investment policy of Kazakhstan. Akim of Almaty, Akhmetzhan Yessimov presented some convincing numbers: a city with a population of over 1.5 million people across the country provides a fifth of GDP, 25 % is tax revenues, the sixth part is the foreign trade turnover. Almaty is in the first place in the country on the volume of the gross regional product, producing at the amount of approximately $ 38 billion, and GDP per capita is 25 thousand dollars. The city is still open to investment. Akim presented investors the new directions of development of Almaty – the development of a transport hub and a trade and logistics hub, tourism potential, the processing industry, industrial and innovative projects – and invited everyone to participate in these projects.

Alevtina Donskikh


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