Currently, the RoK of Ministry of Finances is performing the work on introduction of e-invoice-fractures.


The main goal of introduction of e-invoice –factures is to increase the productivity and efficiency of the work  of taxpayers, reduction of time and costs in information processing and optimization of document circulation with respect to issuance of invoice-factures, as Salykvko.​gov.​kz informs

Currently, the RoK of Ministry of Finances is performing the work on introduction of e-invoice-fractures.

The work on the introduction of e-invoice-factures in the RoK is performing through the two directions:  

– of technical nature, where JSC National technologies (National Informational Technologies) (The National operator in the area of informatization of a number of functions, including system and technical servicing of programme – apparatus means, introduction and (or) support of the national electronic informational resource and national informational systems)   performs the elaboration of the feasibility report.

– methodological nature, with respect to improvement of normative base. 

To implement this task, the working group has been created in the Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finances of the RoK. The group will process methodological issues connected with the introduction of e-invoice-factures. The Group includes the employees of the TC MF RK and business representatives. 

The group elaborates the draft decree of the RoK government concerning approval of the procedure of the document circulation of e-invoice-factures, which will determine the fore of the e-invoice-facture, the issuance procedure, sending, registration, processing, transfer and acceptance of e invoice-facture, its signing, keeping and etc.  

On 1 July 2014 one plans to place in operation the informational system of e-invoice-factures and issuance of invoice –factures in the system on a voluntary basis.

Further, one planes to use the e-invoice-facture as the single payment documents, with will be used to effect the payments in treasury authorities.

Along with the implementation of tasks set and introduction of e-invoice-factures, the applicable programmes will also be improved concerning identification of the potentially fictitious  invoice-factures in the informational system of the value added tax.


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