383 audits were conducted throughout the region. Source: ИА ZAKON.KZ

As of 01.11.2013, the number of small businesses in the Akmola region totaled 40,603. Compared with the same period of the last year, an increase in the number of active entities by 9.6% is observed. Concerning the amount of revenue from small businesses we can see the growth by 14.8 %, as Nalog.kokc.kz. informs.

 In order to protect the rights of business, all raid tax audits are conducted with the obligatory participation of civil society representatives.  Also, some articles of administrative law are amended.  According to such amendments, in case of administrative violation in the field of taxation committed for the first time, no penalty is applied. The taxpayer is given a notification only / is cautioned.

During 10 months of 2013 the tax authorities conducted 383 themed audits, which is 17.8 % lower than in the last year.

Audits were carried out on:

registration with the tax authority, availability of cash –machines and authenticity of excise and accounting and control brands, licenses, permits to issue  ethyl alcohol, patent, registration card to engage in certain activities T

To provide assistance to entrepreneurs in activities, tax authorities of Akmola region on a permanent basis distribute memo on the application of special tax regimes, the order of application of cash – machines, as well as other information in the field of taxation.



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