It is planned that this body would be have been created by 2015 году. The unified arranger of public procurement is planned to be created on the basis of the ministry of finance. This was reported by the Minister of Finance of the RK, Mr. Bolat Zhamishev at the briefing, as said by the correspondent of Business Portal.  

The unified tender arranger will be created within the framework of the update of the bill “On Public Procurement”.   The organization will be unified in 2014 at the republican level and in 2015 at the local level. 

“The bill submitted to Majilis provides for creation of the Unified procurement arranger.   The unified arranger of public procurement will be the state authority, as a scenario, but the decision has not been taken yet. This will be the committee under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, which will accept applications for the tender documents of state authorities”, the minister of finance said.   

The objective of the committee will be conduction of the procedures of arrangement and holding public procurement through the tender b auction on the budget programmes.

Source: Business Portal

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