Astana. September 3. According to the plans of the Ministry of Health in 2020 every citizen of Kazakhstan will have and electronic health passport, reports News Agency Kazakhstan Today.

As the channel “Khabar” reports, in electronic health passport one will provide information on previous diseases, blood type , Rh factor, and a number of other medical conditions.

As it reports, during the meeting of the Committee on Social and Cultural Development members of Majilis presented the questions about the program of introduction of information systems in health care.

“I believe that this is program very necessary to provide medics with information. It has been introducing since 2005. I think when will we cover the whole country then?, N. Petukhova, a deputy asked.

Meanwhile, Health Minister assured that the system operates safely throughout the country.

As he says, to implement the project, the budget has planned about 19 billion Tenge. Almost half of these funds have already been used. One has spent money for infrastructure, information and training programs.

“The main objective is automation of electronic services. Now we have 3 services implemented electronically. This is the registration of people, home visits and appointments,” Bolat Tokezhanov, a deputy health minister said.

However, the project developers have promised that by 2020 every citizen of Kazakhstan will receive electronic health passport, which will include the necessary information for physicians.

Source:  News Agency Kazakhstan Today.

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