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Services on registration, reregistration, winding up

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Services on registration, reregistration, winding up, including: 

  • recommendations on determination of an acceptable legal form of a legal entity,  or its structural subdivision (branch or representative office), considering the specific of suppositional type of activity and legislation requirements; 
  • drafting constituent documents required for registration, reregistration, and winding up;
  • representation of interests and legal support of companies in the authorized bodies in registration, reregistration, and winding up. 

Please note, that registration of a company, a branch or a representative office in the RoK is our business card and, as a rule, the first step towards the professional cooperation on services provided by MinTax Group.

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Name of “MinTax” used in this proposal, depending on the context, can refer to MinTax LLP or MinTax Audit LLP and to its structural subdivisions as well. MinTax LLP and MinTax Audit LLP are included into MinTax Group acting on the basis of the Partnership Agreement, and are considered to be separate and independent legal entities founded under the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation, and they are responsible for all rights and obligations only on their behalf. The Companies which are included in MinTax Group are not responsible for any actions or omissions of each other