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Representation of interests in court proceedings

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Representation of interests in court proceedings on tax, civil disputes and cases concerning administrative violations, including:

  • legal analysis of a case at issue and  provision of consultations and recommendation on its appeal in the court or out-of-court settlement;
  • drafting a letter of complaints and preparation of package of documents for court proceedings;
  • preparation of recommendations and consultations on  determination  of legal status of a company in court proceedings;
  • forecast of possible outcome of a case, analysis of  legal and other risks influencing on the outcome of the case before court proceedings and in the curse of it;
  • out of court settlement of disputes;
  • appeal against court decisions and other  judicial acts in appeal and supervisory instances. 

Lawyers of our company have many years’ experience on representation of interests in lawsuit, starting from the court of first appearance and up to Supervisory instance of the Supreme Court. Special feature of provision by us of this type of services is that legal advisory in lawsuit is performed by us with the use of continuous assistance of auditors and tax consultants in addition to many years’ procedural experience of our layers.

To determine the proposed scope of work and service fee you may download a blank form/questionnaire. Upon its completion please send it to us by e-mail. Email addresses are indicated on our website, section - “Place a Service Order (contacts)”.

You will be sent a Commercial Proposal at the earliest possible date.


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